StART - An innovative day facility dedicated to helping stroke and TBI survivors reach the next step in their recoveries.

StART Active Recovery Therapy was created out of the seeing the need for those who have survived a stroke or brain injury to continue rehabilitation, and who need to know that they matter, they have a purpose, and are looking for a reason to get up every day and challenge their minds and bodies.


After hospitalization, inpatient rehab, home health and or some outpatient facility therapy  survivors are left with an empty world of… “What is Next?” All resources are exhausted, and there is no more hope of recovery.

Our Mission

StART is a place for stroke and traumatic brain injury survivors and their families who are looking for hope and to regain their life, and are willing to work to get there.  We Motivate and encourage to take the next steps to reach the goals. We are passionate and dedicated to providing the best and most effective care available.


Each client is respected and treated as a whole person. They feel safe in a risk free environment that will allow them to explore new skills or ideas, to improve on every day activities, speech, strength, endurance and health. Each client is involved in their own recovery and goals.


We believe Stroke survivors continue to recover, and rebuild their life even after years post initial stroke


Their bodies are not broken. The brain is looking for information.  We give the structure and opportunity to build the new neuro connections.


National Stroke Association

American Physical Therapy Association

Colorado State Vocational Rehabilitation