Find Hope. Discover Motivation.

Regain Life.

StART is an innovative and safe place for stroke and traumatic brain injury survivors and their caregivers who are looking for the next step in their recovery, and are willing to work to get there.

Generating Hope, Generating Results


At StART, we believe that there is always another step in a stroke or TBI survivor's recovery. We know that although their brains and bodies do not connect as before, they are not broken. We don't stop at the obvious challenges they face - we see what is possible. We specialize in helping clients find the hope for improvement and the motivation for the hard work needed for that improvement. 

Our clients are active participants in their own recovery. They help design their goals, and our dedicated staff then creates a customized, evidence-based program to meet those goals. Through the comprehensive StART program, they regain motivation, self-esteem and independence in a safe, controlled environment that allows them to explore new skills, improve on everyday movements and increase strength, endurance, response time and power.


How & Why the StART Program works:

  • Journey from Hospital to Rehab then Recovery

  • Creating the Goals and Plan of Care

  • Using Evidence-based Practices

  • Rebuilding the Body and Mind Connections

  • Typical Day in the Program

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Stroke Survivors & Neurological Disorders

  • Best Time to Begin

  • Participation Criteria

  • Client Expectations

  • Costs

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Rebuilding Your Life Starts Today!


“This program gave Don a purpose, just like his job once did, in a way that his regular therapy sessions couldn’t provide.”    Vicki

“There is life after a stroke, and this program gave me that life.”     Don

“Recovery of mind and body allows Rudy to converse and leave his wheelchair and walk.”        Kathy

“There is life after a stroke, and this program gave me that life.”   Dave

"We met Karen.  She truly cared about the vision and all of the participants.  She instilled a discipline that said “Work hard and you will enjoy success and progress.”     Steve